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Sailboat catches on fire:
Northport, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

While on patrol in Northport Harbor Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at :15pm, Bay Constables
Gene Roemer and Kevin Markham of the Huntington Harbormaster Department, came
upon a 26 foot sailboat with smoke coming from the cabin. As the officers pulled along
side the sailboat they noticed flames inside the cabin. Officers Roemer and Markham
quickly searched the vessel to see if any one was onboard.  After determining no one
was on the sailboat, the bay constables quickly engaged their firefighting equipment and
were able to extinguish the fire in a short period of time. The damage was kept to a
After extinguishing  the fire, the two officers then towed the vessel to the Centerport
Yacht Club dock for safe keeping where they later found that the owner of the sailboat
is a member. The cause of the fire is believed to be faulty wiring and is still under
Huntington Harbormaster
Another Felony Arrest (Week of June 22, 2009)

Two Stolen Boats, A Chase In One Week

Again, members of the New York State Harbormaster /  Bay Constable Association  
make another stolen vessel arrest totaling 4 arrests  in one week.

While on patrol Peace Officer Constable R. Sammis and POC John Trotter both
Huntington Harbormasters, attempted to stop a vessel for speeding in Huntington
Waterways. While attempting the stop, the vessel occupied with two males took off at a
high rate of speed. Once stopped, the subjects took off for the second time.
The vessel operator "beached" the boat and foot chase ensued. The members of the
NYSHBCA called for assistance and the search began for the occupants of the boat.
Officers Sammis and Trotter located the suspects and arrested them. Later on, data
proved the vessel was stolen from Nassau County.  Suffolk County Police assisted the
two arresting officers with transport the second precinct. Another, outstanding job done
by the members of the New York State Harbormaster  / Bay Constable Association    

While on routine patrol in Huntington Harbor Friday June 19th, at 9:00 pm, NYSHBCA
members (Peace Officer Constable) POC Fred Uvena and POC John Trotter, both
Huntington Harbormasters, stopped a vessel for "no navigation lights". Upon conducting
a vessel safety inspection, both Officers became suspicious when the vessel operator
had no Identification as well as no registration for the vessel. After running a vessel
registration check, the vessel came back with a name of ownership to someone other
than the operator. This is when both Uvena and Trotter, after many  years of
experience, became suspicious that the vessel was stolen. The operator and an
occupant aboard the vessel, which had been pulled over into a dock, had fled from the
officers. After a short foot pursuit, both the operator of the vessel and the occupant
where placed under arrest by Uvena and Trotter, transported to the Suffolk County
Police 2nd Precinct and processed. No bail was offered.

Another great job done by the men and women of the New York State Harbormasters &
Bay Constable Association !  

Remember , we are the first line of defense out there ! "Stay alert and it will keep you