New York State Harbormaster & Bay Constable Association
E-mail Policy
SPAM, Bulk Mail and Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail

New York State Harbormaster & Bay Constable Association takes a no
tolerance stance against unsolicited commercial e-mail. We define
SPAM as any type of unsolicited e-mail used for any purpose. This
includes, but is not limited to:

Using a non-existent return e-mail address when sending commercial
solicitations. Mail-bombing (sending numerous messages to the same
user). Subscribing someone else to a mailing list without that person's

It is the policy of this site, to filter out all mail items which are putatively
unsolicited commercial postings directed at all users in an
indiscriminate manner. This service is performed automatically by the
mail transport agent software under the control of a set of regular
expressions which model patterns from known examples of such mail.

We have the additional capabilities to permanently block any company
or individual, their domains and ISP's from sending or attempting to
send mail through our servers. This blocking may be done at our sole

Additionally, we reserve the right to charge spammers a fee of $50.00
per message for the usage of our equipment and services without our
permission. We will aggressively pursue spammers. Their ISP's will be
notified of the spamming. Although spam is technically not illegal, spam
without a valid return address is, under the same laws that prohibit a
user from sending an anonymous fax to a fax machine, in accordance
with the
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Electronic
Communications Privacy Act.

Mail Privacy and Timeliness

We make no guarantees or assurances to senders of e-mail, that the
content of your message will be private. If your message is confidential
or sensitive in nature, please utilize other resources for the
transmission of your correspondence.

While every effort will be made to respond to your messages in a
timely fashion, we make no representations to the sender of any e-mail
that your messages will receive an immediate response.

We discourage the use of e-mail as a method of transmitting
time-sensitive material.

Abusive and Objectionable Material

We will not tolerate the transmission of messages which include
threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, harassing, or obscene
language or graphics. This includes but is not limited to any message
which may contain statements which threaten the public or private
rights of an individual or which encourage criminal offenses or which
give rise to civil liability or violate any laws. The sender of any such
message may be subjected to criminal and civil liability as provided for
under Federal and State law.

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