New York State Harbormaster & Bay Constable Association
About Us
The purpose for which this Association has been formed are to
encourage a cooperative feeling among members of this and similar
organizations for the promotion of

Boating Safety
Marine Environmental Protection.

Also, to promote and develop a friendly and fraternal spirit among its
members, to educate its members through an exchange of ideas and to
develop a higher degree of professionalism.
Who We Are
Since our inception February 1976, the
New York State Harbormasters and Bay Constable Association
A Not For Profit Organization) has been made up of marine law
enforcement officers interested in promoting
boater safety and marine
environmental protection
. Subsequently, the NYSHBCA has grown to
include hundreds of members statewide and incorporating various law
enforcement and marine patrol agencies. Our association is comprised
of dedicated professionals patrolling our ocean, beaches, bays, and
Long Island Sound. They are also insuring daily
Homeland Security patrols, marine law enforcement, safety patrols,
and environmental conservation.